Discover parties and events with 60 Seconds app

The 60 Seconds app logo

In the vast world of the digital market arrived a new mobile app named 60 Seconds, an application which offers people the chance to discover new places and events through videos. Just with the use of video sharing, the mobile app makes you find, preview and rate events, clubs, events locations and parties around the city you are. In this way, 60 Seconds updates people regarding new places and particular events through the collaboration of the users, increasing the chance to let them socialize and establish relation through the web.

In this way people can share their own experience with other ones all around the world, and this is aimed to stay connected and tuned with other party-lovers who share the same vibes with them.

The mobile app has actually many features which can be summarized here below:

  • Chating
  • Rating of events videos
  • Commenting on videos
  • Sharing of videos on other Social Media Platforms 
  • Adding friends
  • Recording and uploading of videos
  • Live-Streaming of Videos
  • Uploading of videos from Library
  • Search for events, users and locations

Goals of 60 Seconds

With these features the app wants to achieve specific goals like the followings:

  • Improving the quality of events by rating and commenting on events videos. The users will have an objective assessment of events, parties, clubs and so on, and they can make well defined decisions on where to party at. Event organizers can get objective reviews of their events from clients and react to these.
  • Increasing the visibility of the events around the users. Once the App is opened, the user gets by default event videos happening around the geographic area.The app will automatically update the location with event videos around them. There will be no need to ask locals if one is new to the area on what’s happening.

60 Seconds aims to offer only videos. The app doesn’t allow to publish any pics, status, or something else. Only videos are shared in the application.

This makes it unique and unlike other Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat who offer similar services, users need not to follow or be friend anyone in order to see what is happening. Such constraints are eliminated in the platform.

On 60 Seconds platform videos shared are not older than 8 weeks. After 8 weeks they are automatically deleted, clearly to keep it always updates in terms of contents. This will facilitate people to interconnect constantly and easily behind the video published.

To get more informations about the mobile app just consult the official website at the following link: