About me

Hello everyone!

I’m Giovanni Teresi, one of the many young Italians fleeing from Italy for job reasons. I’m graduated in Economics and in 2017 I specialized in Marketing and Corporate’s Communication at La Sapienza University in Rome.

In this first section of my site I will give informations on the main reason that pushed me to launch this blog, and on the idea that is at the base of the platform.

As I said, I come from economic and marketing studies, and it is precisely by studying these sectors that during the years grew up my passion about the world of startups and business. For different years I have been constantly following the International startup ecosystem, and I’m so inspired by great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and I am a devourer of business books and online marketing courses.

I currently live in Poland, specifically in the city of Krakow, and I pay particular attention to the Polish startup ecosystem as well. I am constantly present at events, I know startuppers from all over Poland to propose interviews, and I have the opportunity to do a lot of networking with organizers and people from the world of the business. In this way I use my communicative and empathic skills so much that they allow me to more easily get in touch with those who do business and have an interest in getting investments. What I am dealing with, basically consists in publishing articles for startups in different countries, with the aim of bringing local entrepreneurs into contact with investors.


The mission of this blog magazine is to create an information center that will favor investors in the detailed knowledge of startups, with the aim of putting both parties in touch and encouraging the conclusion of an investment round. As an information center and business agent, in this case I will only earn 3% of the investment as compensation for identifying the opportunity.


The vision of the website is to become an influencer blog magazine, based on the visualizations and on the followers built on social media platforms. The articles for the startups are currently offered for free and there are no additional costs. Furthermore, “Lo StartUp Magazine” in the future will also publish and sell informational e-books about the startups from various countries. .

Investors will be updated weekly on the opportunities offered by the various startup ecosystems, and at the same time give the opportunity to new entrepreneurs to advertise their business through a descriptive article that will have as its final objective to make it known and attractive to those who want to bet money . Following the publication of the article, will be asked to the team to respond to an interview, with the aim of finding out more in the eyes of investors who clearly always want to know who they are going to give money in hand.

Once that the blog will achieve 100.000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, the articles for new entry startups will have cost. The price is going to be defined in the future.

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