Agrigroove: the innovative mushrooms company

On the picture the Agrigroove‘s logo

Agrigoove is an innovative African company which bases its business in the production of mushrooms. The startup was launched in the year 2017 by Samuel Dwomor, Chief Executive Officer, and it is actually based in ACCRAin Ghana.

Agrigroove Ghana Limited mushroom production wants to provide quality and affordable mushrooms to the base-of-the pyramid or the poor who lack essential nutrients for their growth and physical development due to malnutrition. With the mushroom business the team of Agrigroove have the aim to create wealth and improving health conditions of many people who are facing medical problems. As far as we know, it is not that easy nowadays to find products in the market which are 100% genuine and without further substances to get the production in a faster way.

Mushrooms are widely consumed by most Ghanaians due to its high medicinal and nutritional value especially as it is free from cholesterol, fat, gluten and sodium. At the same time the Mushroom business wants to try to solve the Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 8 through the creation of jobs for people from production level to the selling.

Samalet Investment Group wants to increase and get better Ghana and Africa when it comes to mushroom production and sales. Basically, the aim of Agrigroove from business point of view is not only to make profit but also to become the leader company of the mushroom market, which in this case would benefit Ghana at international level. To be able to effectively compete against competitors, the team of Agrigroove has the intention to ensure that they hire the top professionals in the industry in an attempt to build a perfect business structure and team. The main goal of the team is to grow the mushrooms in a conducive and hygienic environment with a high dose of nutrition.

Agrigroove description

Agrigroove Ghana is involved in several agricultural businesses mainly into production and selling. Actually the startup is creating a business opportunity to produce and process mushrooms into consumable one. The goal is to launch a marketing strategy with distribution channels to be executed by the Agrigroove Ghana Limited. For this purpose the startup will have two main departments; production and marketing, which will be described below.

Production department

The farm where to cultivate the mushrooms will be established at Seikwa, a district of Bono-East region of Ghana where about 60% of farmers are also pretty active in cultivation. The goal of Agrigoove will be to produce mushrooms in the entire region.

Marketing department

The objective of the marketing department in this case will be to distribute final products to domestic and international markets. The department will explore for domestic and international market opportunities to increase the sales. Domestically, every household in Ghana consumes mushroom and there are numerous chop bars, hotels and institutions that uses mushroom. That’s why this represents a great occasion for the startup to carry on in this path and conquer this market .

To get more informations about the Agrigroove it is possible to get in contact with the founder through the following contacts:

Name: Samuel Dwomor´╗┐

MOB: (233) 0553474850 / 0506355445