AioCare: the spirometer to track your breath

A representation of AioCare, the spirometer connected to mobile app which allows people to track their breath conditions

AioCare is a polish startup which allows users to track their breath conditions through a spirometer connected to a mobile app. The new health technology is pretty young and it was launched by ŁUKASZ KOŁTOWSKI (cardiologist) and PIOTR BAJTAŁA (digital entrepreneur) in Warsaw. Their project team is currently composed also by AXEL POLACK (Chairman) and other two members of the board, GERHARD SCHEUCH and TOMASZ SZYMAŃSKI.

Aiocare provides the possibility to keeps and track the pulmonary condition of a patient. This can happen connecting the tracker to a mobile app which can trace all the necessaries data to be provided to the doctor. The app keeps also the results of the past, so that it’s easier to make a comparison during the time and check the breath condition in a proper way.

What is AioCare in details

AioCare is a mobile user-friendly spirometer  entirely developed by the project team mentioned above. The members have already an intensive experience in the field of the telemedicine and mobile solutions, and this is surely a great advantage for the future success of this pretty innovative business.

The application allow users to track their respiratory parameters, getting in this way the advantage to have the entire history of their breath condition in a certain period of time. Actually AioCare represents an high innovative health technology used in outpatient clinics and hospital settings only by qualified medical professionals.

How AioCare works

The device works in connection with a mobile application, which enables to people to have a in-home spirometer to track their breath results. At the same time, the users will also eliminate severe hospitalizations due to acute and chronic exacerbations.

A representation of AioCare‘s mobile application

AioCare allows a fast analysis of respiratory parameters, not just during a clinical setting, but also while the patients are at home, so that they will make the measurement by themselves. Basically the device is thought as the same which is used in the hospitals, as it has all the proper functions. It is intended for use with a specific mobile application that uses a proprietary algorithm which analyses the results, and shows health parameters at a glance.

Here are synthesized the basic features of the AioCare:

  • Hi-precision flow sensor
  • spirometry analysis
  • Exhale/Inhale measurement
  • Real time measurement
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • HeartRate sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connection
  • NFC Charging System
  • Position Control System
  • Long-life Battery

To have deeper and more detailed informations about the startup, it is possible to check the official website at the link