Amo Lab: the new technology for Vagus stimulation

Amo Lab‘s logo

AMO Lab is a startup from South Korea launched in Seul in 2013, and it works proactively in the heatlhcare sector. The company has the objective to provide a therapy for enhancing human body functions by influencing biology using physics and bioelectromagnetics. The goal of the research is to help people get rid of pain and enrich the quality of their lives, preventing the diseases related to Vagus nerve. This one is also called 10th cranial nerve, and it consists in the major component of the autonomic nervous system, playing a key role in the regulation of the metabolic homeostasis. The nerve has also an important role in the neuroendocrine-immune axis to maintain homeostasis through the afferent and efferent pathways. Vagus nerve stimulation refers to any technique that stimulates the vagus nerve, including manual or electrical stimulation.

Everybody knows that age-related chronic diseases cause significant economic, personal and social burdens for individuals, families and communities. That’s why AMO Lab wants to delay, halt or even reverse aging, which is the ultimate goal of humanity, with natural, safe therapies without any side effect in the people health.

For this purpose the company launched the new product AMO+, a consumer wellness product that improves the quality of sleep through a unique non-invasive, contact-free approach for vagus nerve stimulation.
This innovative wearable sleep device has been completed as a result of persistent commitment and clinical studies of young scientists with their vision for the future of bioelectronics.

On the video below one of the founders, Kim Min Kyu, talks about the innovative solution.

Kim Min Kyu talks about Amo Lab

The startup achieved many results in the last years, at the point to gain two seed funding from NAVER D2SF and NEOPLY in Korea. In 2019 the company announced a financing of over $10 million in a Series A funding round from venture capitals.

What Amo Lab consists for

The bioelectronic medicine platform provides superior safety relative to pharmaceuticals, while effectively targeting autonomic nerve pathways critical to numerous disease processes.

The cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation is a vagus nerve stimulation technique which involves in the balance of the autonomic nervous system by delivering complex electromagnetic signals to the heart and the vagus nerve branches connected to the heart. Vagus nerve stimulation influences a variety of important autonomic functions in the brain and in the body, including neurotransmitter levels, inflammatory levels and metabolism.

cVES targets specific nerve within a 20 cm radius, surpassing other noninvasive neurostimulation techniques which are limited to local treatment. The technology uses mild electromagnetic signals to stimulate the vagus nerve in a contact-free, noninvasive way through the skin without the need for surgery. Moreover, cVES therapy provides benefits such as reduced side effects, long-lasting therapeutic effects and reduced cost, comparing to standard treatment like medication.

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