DNAmatch.love: the new dating app

DNAmatch.love, the new dating app’s logo

Here comes a new dating app in the market, DNAmatch.love, with the aim of revolutionizing the online dating market. 

The startup was founded in Canada by Linas Balaisis, a young man who wanted to believe in a market that is literally exploding today, that of dating sites. In the interview section you can read the discussion with the founder who tells a little about his story and how the idea was born. You can also access it quickly by clicking Interview to Linas Balaisis.

Linas worked for his father-in law startup, where he was responsible on performing different roles like Finance, HR, and product strategy. In a point when he was able to sell this software firm to a public company, the young entrepreneur decided that he wanted to found his own business. After looking around, Linas thought that the dating app market could be a real success, given that at the moment it is said to have a value that comes to almost 4.6 billion dollars. To get a more in-depth overview, you can also watch the video below.


On what DNAmatch.love consists

DNAmatch.love was founded in March 2018, and its final aim is to bring people together online. In this case, however, the platform differs from other dating apps like Tinder for doing “matchare” on the basis of personal and not only physical characteristics.

Through a DNA test, the app allows you to discover the personal characteristics of the people you are most attracted to, so you can really understand if that is the right type, or if it is better to let it go. Not bad to start experimenting a little deeper on the personality of others.

At the moment DNA is made up of two people, the founder Linas, who deals with marketing and administration, and another figure who in case he is responsible for quality control and finance. For now the platform is developing in the Canadian territory, and is looking for a figure in charge of managing the social pages. The startup is currently also looking for investments for its development both in the domestic and external market. Certainly there will not be any investors potentially interested in a business belonging to a rapidly expanding sector such as the dating app.

Currently, the startup has created a website where you can register and start doing research. To access you can go to the following link: https://dnamatch.love/. The mobile app is still under construction. There really is not a lot to launch, so get ready to have fun even with your smartphone.