Botanic Earth: EoT and BoT in environment

Boctanic Earth’s logo

Governments and international oil companies have been engaged for many years in various environmental sustainability initiatives, which aim to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure a healthy and clean environment for future generations. Climate change, pollution, deforestation and desertification are today the main causes of death of thousands of animal and plant species, and our task is not to waste and continue to burn our planet, but to ensure the right of these resources also to our successors.

Botanic Earth is the new South African NGO that has this as its central objective. Founded by Phillip Sebole Masango and based in Cape Town, the organization aims to preserve our planet and ensure the rebirth of new plant species that will be able to make a future prospect to succeeding generations. To follow the interview of Phillip just click on the following link:

Objective of Botanic Earth

The NGO will have as its mission to plant about 800 trillion trees and other plant species in the next 200 years, in order to support our planet in terms of environmental sustainability, and an increase in natural resources for us and for animals. In this way in the next 50 years the quantity of trees will be much higher, and this will benefit our society, given that the demand will always tend to increase.

Botanic Earth to achieve its objectives will try to convince governments, companies and organizations that deal with the environment, to adopt a law that obligates them to take care of them and to avoid waste.

Environment of Things and Botanic of Things

The non-governmental organization also has an ambitious project to devote itself to solving environmental problems through the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and technological systems used to benefit the environment and the ecosystem. “Doing the impossible is innovative”, this is the motto that Botanic Earth uses to describe the positive impact it wants to achieve in the coming decades, Thanks to the tools that today belong to the strand of the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

The organization will do this also thanks to the support of States, Cities, citizens, institutions, entities, schools and private companies.

Funds needed to start

To start this ambitious project, the organization needs $ 5,000 for initial expenses related to the creation of the website, marketing activities and the purchase of the first trees to be planted.

To get in touch with the founder of the organization just write an email to