Busymed: Your Healthcare Companion

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What if you could order any medicine from your local pharmacy and have it delivered to you within an hour?

Busymed is making it happen.

How does Busymed work?

With Busymed, users can select their address of choice, and decide if they want their package delivered or they’ll Collection it. This also users can check if weather there are pharmacies in their location listed on Busymed.

Now, once a user is in a Store, he or she can search for products using the search bar or browse the categories provided. For prescription medicine searches, users can just search using the search bar.

After finding the ideal product, they can add the products to their list and see prices. They’ll get different pricing on the same product(s), giving them the freedom to add their desired product(s) into their shopping cart.

And as usual, at checkout, users will be required to choose their preferred method of payment.

Receiving the package

After the payment had been processed, user will receive a confirmation from the pharmacy confirming their order.

Then they’ll wait for delivery or go collect their products at the pharmacy.

Pharmacies can connect with Busymed

Pharmacists can connect their pharmacies to Busymed and make it easy for their customers to find and buy products from their store with ease.

Should they be worried about the tech stuff? No really.

Busymed handles the tech stuff while the pharmaceutical business keeps up the great services.

Become a Delivery Champion

What’s great about Busymed is not only being a platform for pharmaceutical businesses and consumers, but also giving others the opportunity to work.

Delivering with Busymed is surely an everyday thing that can benefit the delivery champions that able to get life saving medicine to people who really need them. So what does it mean exactly? It means one delivers and earns. Not a bad passive income stream.

Now that’s one way to change the industry.

To get more informations about Busymed just click on the following link: https://www.busymed.com/.

By Phillip Sebole Masango