Cabify: the spanish transportation company

Cabify‘s logo

Cabify is the spanish transportation network startup which was founded in 2011 in Madrid by Juan de Antonio. The spanish company is already scaling up in a pretty fast way, as to be one of the main competitors of Uber, already in different countries. Indeed, the company was started by its founder in Spain and actually it is expanding in other countries like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. In early 2016, the team reported over one million installations globally, of which the majority were in Latin America and the rest in Spain.

In the video below you can watch a short presentation of the company in portuguese language.

A short presentation about Cabify in Portuguese language

What Cabify consists of

Cabify is a transportation service which works entirely in the same way of Uber, the USA company which actually dominates the market of sharing transportation. The app consists in providing vehicles of hire via its smartphone mobile app. Vehicles are driven by their owners, who are self-employed service providers.

Cabify operates as the contact point between customers and private drivers by means of its mobile app for Android and Iphone, as well as its web page. The users once they got the service can pay via their credit card or PayPal account, with cash payments introduced in 2016. The drivers are always well presented with elegant dresses, and they are always very professional and gentle with the customers.

The service offers three core classes of vehicles: Executive, with vehicles such as Mercedes S-Class or even Audi A8, Lite, with Toyota Avensius, or Group, for 6 persons. In addition there are also other services which the startup adopt to provide a great experience to its customers. From these we can mention Cabify Express, a delivery service via moto taxis; Cabify Taxi, for accessing local taxi cabs; Cabify City, implemented for independent drivers; Cabify Bike, a service through which customers can ride the bike to get in the place, and Cabify Cash, a system used as a digital payment method instead of using the credit card.

Acceleration programme

The spanish startup was involved and is pretty active in acceleration programmes for scaling up the business. 2014 in fact was a crucial and important year for the founder, because his baby was able to raise $8 million in April and added $4 million to that to continue to focus its efforts in Latin America, where it is growing at a 30% MoM rate.

Cabify has lastly closed a new $4 million round led by previous investors Seaya Ventures and Black Vine, a fund that’s managed by Kevin Laws, COO of AngelList. The startup attracted many investors around the world and and that is one of the key point which is making it becoming one of the most interesting scaling-up business in Spain.

To get more informations about the company and to start using it to move around your city, just visit the official website at the following link