Claned: the e-learning AI platform

On the picture above is Claned‘s logo

Claned is the finnish e-learning platform founded in Helsinki in 2013 by Vesa Perälä and his team of professionals. The finnish startup was launched commercially in 2016, and since then users from 25 different countries have joined their rapidly growing user base. Nowadays claned is represented by a team of 30 professionals people operating in Helsinki, Mumbai, New York and Singapore.

Claned is the easiest way to build online courses that users love, with the final goal to make improve the knowledges of the partecipants. Using Claned means people truly want to inspire learners and design their learning the Finnish way. If you have a specific knowledge you can create your personal course and publish it in the platform.

Here below a short video of what Claned is and how to use it. Enjoy!

What is Claned

Claned is an e-learning platform that was designed to fulfil a big amount of learning needs for all type of educators and learners. The startup is basically focused on different areas of learning like universities, sprawling conglomerates, teachers and at the same time individual students who can even get a benefit from these features. Things like learning analytics, ergonomic social features and recommendations based on Artificial Intelligence make the platform one of the most interesting e-learning tool on the Finnish market.

Schools and universities

Claned is strongly used in the school and university environment with the goal to increase motivation and improve students retention. Inside the platform there are vibrant online courses with a wide range of material that can be used. It is possible for the lecturers also to track learning content effectiveness and gain insights in what students can find valuable and stimulating.

Corporations, Non-Governamental Organizations and Governamental Organizations

The finnish startup is actually used with benefits also in corporates, Non-Governamental Organizations and Governamental Organizations environment. The aim is to train employees individually and make knowledges measurable. This is a great opportunity for organizations because they can save a lot of hours for forming stuff with a personalized e-learning tool. Organizations can finally Inspire teamwork and cooperation between departments through and engaging grassroots interaction.

To get more informations about the startup and start using it for your new learning path just go on the following link: