ComeHome: the Airbnb of the parties

On the picture the founders of ComeHome, the Airbnb of the parties

ComeHome is the italian startup launched in Milan in the year 2016 by Michele Cesario (founder) and Daniele Chierchia (co-founder). The platform was named the “Airbnb of the events” and it has the mission to organize a different variety of parties in the houses of the people. Parties, live music, game nights, art performances and talks are the type of meetings that are organized by people in Milan, Rome and Turin, the three italian cities where ComeHome is currently active.

The success of the startup can be measured by the victory of the Digital Innovation Day issued in Milan the last October, where it won the 1st place in the startup competition. The italian startup is getting very good results and is moving well in the market, and this can be shown by the fact that the founders are starting to stay in contact also with different brands like Tuborg, Sky, Mondadori and Jack Daniel’s.

The History of ComeHome

ComeHome basically is like the opposite of Facebook concept. It means that in this case the social wants to give people the possibility to meet offline, but beginning their relation online. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and do a lot of networking just applying to the special events they want to go.

Everything started when Michele met his co-founder Daniele in Argentina during an exchange program for studying reasons. In that period both friends were going so often to the parties at the house of the people, a culture which is very diffuse in the country. It was in that occasion that they learnt that the party in the house should have been interpreted as a social network offline were people can meet and socialize. There is someone who organize the event in the house and people can go. Just publishing the event in the platform is enough to book and participate. So smart idea.

Michele once got back to Milan decided to found the platform in the italian market, with the attempt to allow italian people to take advantage of the parties organized in houses. When Daniele reached his friend in Milan, they started to work at the project together and finally they co-founded ComeHome. Let’s see how it works.

How it works

Applying is very easy: the organizers just post the events in the platform and the participants can just apply and pay directly online. The users can participate to the events they want, depends on the preference they have in terms of age range, format and so on. The objective of the startup is to put strangers together through social events in the houses, in a way that they can socialize openly and make networking. The platform keeps the 15% of the payment for each transaction.

Actually ComeHome is having a lot of success and it got already remarkable investments for scaling up in the market. The company is now incubated at i3P, the incubator of Politecnico di Torino and is still growing, with the goal to reach new markets like USA and UK.

To get more informations about the startup it is possible to consult the official website at the following link: