Cozeat: the breakfast delivery

An imagine of a girl who has breakfast on the bed thanks to Cozeat, the new online breakfast delivery. Find the imagine at the following link:

Cozeat is the innovative startup for home breakfast’s delivery in tourist facilities.

The startup was created at the beginning of the year in Rome by a group of young people who participated in a competition of innovative ideas. The four founders of the company, Sacha Liberatori (CEO), Massimiliano De Stefano (CTO), Simone Tosatto (CMO) and Alessandra Politi (COO), have created a delivery service that offers tourist facilities the advantage of ordering the breakfast directly via online platform, so as not to please tourists with the usual pre-packaged snacks that are provided in relation to the regulatory restrictions in force.

The idea was presented during the Pitch Day organized by the Unilever Italy lean startup program, where the startuppers managed to win the competition by convincing the Top managers of the Food & Beverage colossus to support them in their business project.

From what can be understood the delivery business is growing in a dizzying way, and Cozeat represents in this sector a piece of pazzle that was still missing, making in this way the online home service increasingly innovative and advanced.

To get more information on the startup you can take a look at the website To read the interviews of the founder you can also consult the Startup Italia article at