Croosing: the Superlink for customer journey

Croosing’s logo

Croosing is the platform which provides companies the opportunity to create the Superlink to lead customers inside their websites.

Croosing is the B2B platform which supports the companies for an optimized journey of their customers inside their website. The startup was launched in Beer Sheva (Israel) by Uri Ravin, an Israelite entrepreneur, expert in marketing and advertising. He decided to launch the platform in 2014 with his partner Yaron Peretz, serial entrepreneur in IT sector.

The CEO Uri, who we can also check here the interview, identified a problem related to the customer journey inside the websites of the companies. Customers usually are not so much familiar with the websites, and this causes some trouble for them on finding the right information in the fastest way possible. For this reason Uri thought to create a Superlink which leads automatically customers in the online journey. Croosing follows the user step by step with an automated system which controls your movement inside the website. “Let’s make internet move“, that’s what the founder said during his interview.

To have a brief description and vision about how Croosing works, just check the video below.

Video of presentation about Croosing, the digital online platform which makes you create the Superlink

Croosing has different functions which help customers and companies from different points of view. Let’s check it.

What is Croosing focused on

The Superlink Leader is an integrated environment which enables companies to steer their clients in the best direction across their website,
from entry point to the destination goal.

Utilizing the unique Superlink tech for automated browsing, Superlink Leader enables companies to design and execute the best scenarios for their clients. The Superlink Leader wants to ensure clients’ satisfaction while achieving the following business goals:

  • Lead: Auto-navigate for the clients to multiple webpages and domains.
  • Focus: Put the important content in the center using auto-scroll and auto-media.
  • Communicate: Deliver targeted messages to different audiences on the same webpage – with text, icons, animation & audio.
  • Do: Seamlessly assist the clients in taking the desired action.

The startup during its journey took part in IBM’s acceleration programme and it already raised till 1.4 million of dollars. This is a great achievement for the founders who can feel really satisfied about their project which is constantly developing. Actually their team is growing and they are basically focused on the research of new business developers to explore new opportunities in the relates market.

To get more informations about the startup and take advantage of this useful service is possible to check the website at the following link: