Dante Medical Solution: the gum for your memory

The founder Giorgio Pautrie with the brother

Sometimes the best ideas can also arise from unpleasant situations in which no one would like to stay at all. It is in fact from a traffic accident that Dante Medical Solution was born, a startup from Milan founded in 2015 by Giorgio Pautrie, as well as direct protagonist of the unpleasant event that happened on the highway at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

In 2010 Giorgio was enrolled in the Bocconi University of Milan in Business Administration and Management course, when he found himself victim of the road accident that caused him to break the neck bone, and consequently many months of hospital rehabilitation. they certainly wasted precious time that he would otherwise have spent on books. But the young man had a promise to keep to his grandfather, that was to graduate as soon as possible. So once he got back on his feet, he started studying and started buying supplements and energy drinks to increase his concentration and memory.

How the idea was born

Giorgio says that when he took supplements that would improve his concentration, he felt like a little chemist. The doctor on that time told him that in the long term this mix of supplements would not have had a positive result on his health, advising him to get a more effective and well-calibrated solution. Following a 50-year study, a 15-component liquid was released from the doctor’s laboratory, which Giorgio had to hold under his tongue for about a minute. “The taste was tremendous”, explains the young man, “to such an extent that I had to take a gum to bear it”.

What is made up of “Mind the Gum

At that point when Giorgio tested the effectiveness of the product right on his own, he decided to create a special one that involved chewing. The rubber contains stimulating components along with others more relaxing, so as to limit the negative action of the former. Among the ingredients are caffeine, I-theanine, bacopa monnieri, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, guarana, griffonia, l-glutamine and biotin. Currently the rubber can be purchased via the internet and also in more than one thousand stores in Italy.

The future of “Mind the Gum”

Currently Dante Medical Solution is also composed by his brother Carlo, and is having a fairly exponential growth thanks also to the support of the Bocconi Speed Mi Up business incubator and the Chamber of Commerce. The co-founders have already found several investors to involve for the future development of the business idea, and moreover have established as a vision to position themselves in other markets through amazon.

Actually Mind the Gum is not only designed for university students who need to improve their performance in the studio, but also for workers who want to make their time more productive. The startup goal? “Creating a recognized brand that manages to ride the wave well, in a sea of opportunities that the market of supplements can offer today.

To get more informations about the startup, just go directly to the site at the following link: https://www.mindthegum.it/.