Eggup: the importance of soft skills on the job

Eggup’s logo

It’s called Eggup, is an innovative startup based in Rome, founded by Christian Di Mitri (CEO) along with his team of experts who have supported him in the creation and development of this business.

The project consists of an online platform that allows companies to assess the degree of work affinity between the people who make up a team, all based on the soft skills of the candidates. The Italian startup was founded with the intention of having a specific person select in the right team, overshadowing the technical skills, and focusing more on analyzing the psychological profile that is more relevant to a particular work team than to another .

Mental openness, energy, emotional stability and responsibility are the soft skills that Eggup wants to analyze on candidates who are looking for a job. The startup is very sensitive to the theme of the employee seen as a machine that works, rather than as a human being who must interact with other people of his team, so as to create a more significant added value to the company for which is working. This is a concept that unfortunately still many Corporations fail to put into practice 100% and on which you are aiming to work for the next few years.

In the video that follows founder Christian Di Mitri explains briefly what Eggup consists of. This is done on the occasion of his interview on the InnovAzione project for the international development of innovative start-ups, carried out by Assocamerestero and the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and in collaboration with ICE-Agenzia.

Who addresses Eggup

Eggup is aimed at personnel selection companies, outplacement, headhunters, senior and medium-sized personnel management and strategic consulting firms, with the aim of creating high-potential teams and providing objective assessments to improve effectiveness, and the degree of involvement and collaboration among the members of the work team.

Among the entities with which the startup collaborates are high-profile brands such as Randstad, Poste Italiane, Universities such as Luiss, Roma TRE and Jhon Cabot, and also important companies such as TIM and Synergie.

To get more information on the startup and follow more closely its growth in the Italian market, you can directly consult the site at the following link: