Employerland: The HR gaming platform

Employerland‘s logo

Employerland is an italian startup founded in Rome by Gabriele Lizzani, an experiencing managing director with a long history in the human resources sector. The startup was launched not many years ago, and it basically consists in a platform which gives students the opportunity to find job with the mechanism of gamification. This is a kind of approach which is clearly more oriented to worth the ability of the talents who can get job with their gaming skills.

What Employerland consists of

Employerland is a digital mobile app which hosts different companies and startups which are willing to interview new talents through a gamification system. People who are looking for job can download the app, register their profile to the platform and start looking for games to partecipate. In this case the user will decide to enter in the company where there are other competitors playing the same game, and in the end of the process, if he/she will win the game there will be the chance to be called by the company for an interview. Winning the game is the key of access to the HR specialists of the company, and this is a great chance that the participants have to get job in the company of their dreams in a totally innovative way.

Employerland can be summarized in a videogame which wants to simulate the job life. Who totalizes more points will get the interview with a company. Nothing easier than this. Many startups and big corporations already decided to invest the the mobile app. We can mention the pharmaceutical company MSD which decided to launch Pharmagame, a project through a student obtained a paid stage very fastly. At the same time other companies established a good relation with the the app like Luxottica, Bnl, Procter&Gamble, Bosch, Unilever, Golden Lady, Msd, Elica. 

Employerland actually is creating many job opportunities to young people in Italy. If you are unemployed and you would like to experimenting the new mobile app just download it and start a new job adventure with the support of games. To get more details about the advantages of the startup just visit the official website at the following link: http://www.employerland.it/ita/.