Evensi: the geolocalized search engine for events.

On the picture a representation of Evensi’s logo

Evensi is a startup from Italy founded by Yuri Grassi and it consists in a geolocalized search engine dedicated to events. Evensi has the mission to share the worldwide events in one platform, and at the same time it provides a social media advertising service for the events organizers. If you organize an event, Evensi helps you to advertise it in the city where you are interested. In this way the organizers can spare their time after the hard work for the event creation.

You can discover new events by navigating on the map or be guided by the personalized dashboard that suggests the most relevant events due to geographical proximity and affinity of interests. In the video below we can have a short overview of the platform.

Representation video of Evensi

Features of Evensi

Evensi is based in a semantic and automated algorithm through which every single event is filtered and evaluated. This feature, together with the integration with Facebook, has allowed the founders to create one of the largest databases worldwide with more than 10 million events.

Event creators have now an extraordinary tool at their disposal to promote and index their initiatives worldwide. In fact, their events will appear immediately on the map of Evensi and will be recommended to nearby users by geographical location and interests. Event promoters can also create pages to manage events on behalf of companies (places, associations, fairs, etc.) and share page administration with other users.

In the platform everything is described very well and it is very intuitive to use. On the left side of the page it is possible to check the type of events around the world, all categorized by night life, leisure, food, sport, business and so on.

To check how the platform works and start using it, just check the official website at the following link: https://www.evensi.com/.