Finbrain: the AI arrives into Finance

Finbrain logo

Finbrain is the AI-based financial startup launched by Ahmet Salim Bilgin (CEO). The business started in January 2018 in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, which today boasts a high number of startups and a steady growth in the technological innovation sector.

Finbrain is a Fintech company that develops Deep Learning algorithms that allow users to provide forecasts on stocks, commodities, foreign currencies, indices and ETFs. The business is particularly innovative given that today there are no technologies that allow such types of activities.

The Turkish startup consists of a combination of mathematical and learning approaches that are able to analyze the time series of foreign indices, stocks, commodities and currencies. All this Finbrain realizes it through a sophisticated approach of deep learning or artificial neural network for the analysis of the time series. On a practical level, data are processed through self-adaptive and self-optimizing algorithms that are inserted into the neutral network. In this way the network is trained so as to be able to generate forecasts over several days.

In the video below we can listen to the founder explaining what his idea is in detail.

Benefits of Finbrain

The new AI technology offers great benefits to its customers. Some of these we can see below:

  • New AI approach that allows to override traditional methods of fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
  • Exemplary model to incorporate AI and Finance.
  • Excellent performance for capturing non-linear features. Time series data has non-linear dynamics. For this reason they can be analyzed only with non-linear methods.
  • Very precise financial forecasts compared to other methods of analysis.

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