FitPrime: the new app for the gyms

FitPrime‘s logo

Fitprime is the new app which is revolutionizing the way to live the sport and to go to the gym. The app was launched in Italy and actually is getting a great success, enabling many people to change gym whenever they want, and giving a great earning opportunity to the businesses as well. The user, instead of subscribing only to one sportive center, he/she can easly download an app on the mobile phone which will allow to experiment different sport locations, depending on his training needs. Let’s see better how the platform works.

How FitPrime works

People who are interested in changing gym very often can first of all download the mobile application available for IOS and Android, or even going to the official website. Both of the platforms will show a map where are present all of the centers adhered to the digital service.

With FitPrime is actually possible to just choose the more interesting service and to check in which gym is available. So in this case the users are not forced to just go only in one centre, but in a wide range of them in the city that are making that offer. The comfortable thing is that there are different type of offer which can be chosen, like for example the monthly unlimited one. In this case it is possible to have access to the package in many gyms around the city without any limitations, having the opportunity to partecipate in many different courses.

Which kind of services FitPrime offers

The mobile app provides access to users to a wide range of courses. Here we can summarize the services:

  • Swimming pool
  • Boxing and Muay Thay
  • Yoga
  • Crossfit
  • Pilates
  • SPA

Anyway, there is really the embarrassment of the choice. The only thing is needed to do is just to download the app, choosing the centre or the service and go to the gym. Once arrived at the place it’s going to be enough just to show the notification at the reception desk and go to the training session. Very easy and fast to use.

To get more informations and start using the app, just visit the official website at the link and get your first free access to get familiar with the service.