Humanity 2.0 – A Shared Horizon for Humanity

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Humanity 2.0 is a vehicle for facilitating collaborative ventures between the traditionally siloed public, private and faith-based sectors.

It also itself identifies as A Human Progress Accelerator

Its mission is to identify impediments to human progress and then work cross-sector to remove them.

Developed in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development at the Holy See and a consortium of leaders and luminaries, Humanity 2.0 is an agent of the common good and a believer in the need for a shared horizon to unite humankind.


Humanity 2.0’s mission is to Identify impediments to human progress and work collaboratively across sectors to remove them by sourcing and scaling bold and innovative solutions.

Humanity needs a common vision to guide human progress.

Humanity 2.0 is building a new model for human cooperation that enables it to transcend the boundaries and silos we have created and unite in realizing a common vision.


the vision of the startup is defined by five beliefs:

01 We are one species, with a collective responsibility for shaping our future.

02 Challenges to humanity must be met by focused and coordinated action.

03 No human being has more, or less, intrinsic value than any other.

04 Every human being should have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

05 Common resources should be used to further the common good before private interests.

A Shared Horizon for Humanity 2.0

“Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: 
to know what he ought to believe; 
to know what he ought to desire; 
and to know what he ought to do.”

  • Thomas Aquinas, Two Precepts of Charity, 1273

Participate in the Forum

Participants in the Humanity 2.0 Forum are mission-aligned stakeholders gathered to address a particular impediment to human progress. 

The Forum provides an opportunity for stakeholders to be presented with a high potential solution to a particular human challenge and then an invitation to unite in a cross-sector effort to address it.

Anyone may request to attend a Forum, but due to practical considerations, only a limited number are invited.

The Big Question

People around the world are constantly moving, but advancing towards what?

Accountability, transparency and impact are key values of Humanity 2.0. Having measurable KPIs and clear reporting structures are an integral part of Humanity 2.0’s approach. Moreover, human progress is not a commodity and therefore transparency in Humanity 2.0’s ideation and methods as well as ongoing collaboration with aligned partners is fundamentally a part of Humanity 2.0.

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By Philip Sebole Masango