Hunterpop: The app to take a selfie with celebrities

Hunterpop’s logo

Hunterpop is the new mobile app which enables people to take selfies with celebrities. The idea was launched by two italian guys from Naples, Pasquale Amato and Francesco Fortunato, both of them graduated in Marketing and Corporate’s Communication at La Sapienza University in Rome. The startup is actually in an embryonic stage and it’s getting ready to be launched in the american market, more interesting country where to find a higher number of celebrities.

Hunterpop is basically a social media platform with a GPS tracking system for celebrities. The mission of the startup is to let you localize the celebrity with you would like to have a selfie, thanks to the publication of the picture by other people in the platform. If someone takes a selfie with famous people and will share it on Hunterpop, the other users will be able to localize the position and going to that point to take the selfie as well. Let’s check in the video below a brief description how the app works.

Short video of explanation about Hunterpop

Through a system based on the notification, people will be able to check where the celebrity is in a particular moment, so that they will try to achieve the location to take a selfie together. Once the person will share the selfie with the celebrity, if the picture will be acceptable, he/she will gain bonus coins that at a certain sum achieved will be possible to be spent for a free entrance to shows, football games and so on.

The two italian guys for the moment decided to launch the mobile app only in the main cities of United States. The choice of the american market is due to the fact that in cities like Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York, it is definitely easier to catch famous people walking on the street. The chance for Hunterpop to have success in this way is going to be surely higher than in european cities, where the celebries prefer to stay more isolated.

What Hunterpop consists of

Hunterpop basically wants to cross the following clusters from the celebrities world:

  • Moda and fashion
  • Music
  • Sport

The mobile app consists basically in two versions. One is for free and it works till a distance of 200 km, without giving the possibility to type the name of the celebrity. It is possible in case to pay $ 1,99 to get over the borderline of the 200 km. Furthermore, in the free version it is possible to see the picture posted by someone only for 15 minutes. At the same time, there is also a paid version which costs just $ 7,99, where the km are unlimited, it is possible to type directly the name of the celebrity who wants to be searched, and the picture can be published till 30 minutes.

Is Hunterpop legal?

A very frequent question is, if taking the selfie with the celebrity and publish it is legal or not. The good news is that according to the law, it is possible to take the picture respecting the privacy of the public people. In this case they don’t have to allow to publish the photo, but it’s important that it will be done only in public places.

Regarding the privacy and the legal aspects for the celebrities, the mobile app can be considered really secure and without any risk. Furthermore, for people who are lower popular, it can be a great instrument also to increase their visibility in the worldwide.

The startup is currently under construction and the Beta product will be built and activated very soon in the most famous cities of United States. To get a deeper overview about Hunterpop it is also possible to check the official website at the link