iFood: the innovative Brazilian delivery

One the picture the iFood‘s logo

iFood is an online food delivery portal that develops an innovative system so users can order deliveries on the internet without going physically at the restaurant. The platform was launched in May 2011 by Guilherme Pinho Bonifacio, Patrick Sigrist, Felipe Ramos Fioravante and Simone Alves de Carvalho. All the founders are from Brazil and they decided to base their company in São Paulo. Actually iFood has also its presence in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina and it is having a great success all around the world.

There is basically nothing different with the other delivery platforms, and the startup is backed by Movile, Naspers, Just Eat, Innova Capital Consultoria Ltda (Brazil) & others. In the following video there is a short presentation of iFood in Brazilian Portuguese language.

Short video presentation of iFood, innovative delivery platform based in São Paulo, Brazil

iFood Raises $500m In Latin America’s

iFood raised $500M in it’s last “Series G” round on November 13, 2018, bringing in this way to the startup a total funding to $591.9M to-date. This claims to be the largest funding round for a tech startup in Latin America, a very great result for the brazilian team.

The platform has already 50 thousand associated restaurants and 120 thousand couriers, representing the leader in the food delivery segment in all Brazil, and having processed 10.8 million orders in October alone.  According to data from SimilarWeb, iFood is 16 times bigger that its closest competitor in terms of daily active users. It was also shown that the company is doing around 390,000 orders a day with a growth rate of 110 %. This means that the delivery platform is doing even better than its global market competitors.

iFood has also reached the unicorn status about a year and a half ago. The term unicorn is used to define companies worth over $1 billion.

To get more familiar with the application just download it and start using it. Every single of your desire is an order!