Giovanni Teresi, founder of Lo Startup Magazine, during an interview in Lisbon, Portugal

Interviews to entrepreneurs

Interview to Lucio Monteleone,

COO of Sofan

Link to the interview: Interview to Lucio Monteleone

Interview to Mohamed Badr

Founder of Ezzal

Link to the interview: Interview to Mohamed Badr

Listen the interview here: podcast

Interview to Pasquale Amato

Co-Founder of Hunterpop

Link to the interview: Interview to Pasquale Amato

Interview to Rebecca Bonnington

Founder of TriCres

Link to the interview: Interview to Rebecca Bonnington

Interview to the founder or Croosing, Uri Ravin

Chief Executive Officer of Croosing

Link to interview: Interview to Uri Ravin

Interviwew to George Avgenakis

Founder of Loopcv

Link Startup: Loopcv

Link interview: Interview to George Avgenakis

Interview to Phillip Sebole Masango

Chief Executive Officer of Boctanic Earth

Link Startup: Boctanic Earth

Link Interview: Interview to Phillip Sebole Masango

Interview to Gabriel Appleton

Chief Sales Officer of Vumonic

Link Startup: Vumonic

Link interview: Interview to Gabriel Appleton

Interview to Linas Balaisis

Chief Executive Officer of

Link Startup:

Link interview: Interview to Linas Balaisis

Interview to Tarek Ceriani

Chief Executive Officer of Cratus Sports Innovations

Link Startup: Cratus Sports Innovations

Link interview: Interview to Tarek Ceriani

Interview to Harikamini Nanduri

Founder of Parinati

Link Startup: Parinati

Link Interview: Interview to Harikamini Nanduri