ItalyXP: the new itineraries for turists

On the picture the team of ItalyXP

ItalyXP is the Italian startup that brings about 14 thousand tourists a year in Italy, and this is done through a website in English and Spanish that offers the possibility of creating pre-established itineraries for foreigners.

The project was born four years ago by a team of three people leaded by Saverio Castilletti (CEO), and from the data we receive, the startup managed to bring in Italy up to 91 million tourists last year. The numbers bear witness to the great success that the new company is having at an international level, in particular by leveraging the attractiveness that Italy has for foreign tourists.

The turnover of ItalyXP is currently continuing to grow dramatically, and this year it will close with a figure that will be around 2 million euros. A very remarkable result if we always keep in mind that the startup began 4 years ago with a self-financing of 100 thousand euros from the pockets of the 3 founders, in addition to funding coming in part from Mibact and Invitalia.

What does ItalyXP consist of?

ItalyXP was born with the aim of selling packages and tourist itineraries to foreigners who visit Italy. The CEO Castilletti also explains the degree of personalization of the service, based on the possibility of the tourist to choose the type of route desired, based on his tastes and needs, just as if he were in a tourist agency. The site in recent years has had a truly remarkable increase in efficiency, considering the fact of having obtained investments for online marketing activities. With a strategy like this ItalyXP has managed to bring tourists from 130 different countries to Italy. These include the United States (38%), followed by South America (10%), Canada (9%), Australia (8%) and India (6%).

Currently the startup is growing strongly and has two offices, one in Rome and one in Ragusa (Sicily). For more informations just click on the link below: