Ozon Cyclery: the Bambù bycicle

Ozon Cyclery, the bycicle made of Bambù

Cycling is one of many sectors that is currently having a wide development in terms of innovation. This is demonstrated in this case by Ozon cyclery, a German startup founded in Berlin by a group of young guys who believed in the construction of bicycles through the use of bamboo rods used as a frame.

The startup today is having a great resonance in the German capital, and in 2019 it will also be involved in organizing a workshop that will help participants learn how to build a bicycle with the use of tools that can be found in nature. Let’s see a little better what it is exactly.

The bicycle and the bamboo cane

Firstly The bicycle consists of a structure absolutely equal to the classic, in this case, however, instead of the typical carbon frame or any other material, it is used a very light and resistant bamboo cane that can withstand up to a weight of 100 kg. Wood is certainly made of better quality on an aesthetic level, so that the bicycle has a more particular appearance in the eyes of the public and of those who buy it.

As a result, the different parts of the barrel are joined by specific instruments that make the whole structure stable and resistant. The video below shows in brief what essentially consists in this ambitious project.

The Workshop in 2019 at the MotionLab in Berlin

In 2019, Ozon Cycler will organize a 12-day workshop at the MotionLab in Berlin, where participants will learn about the entire construction process of the bicycle under the supervision of one of the startup team members. Therefore the experts will give all the right information on how to build the bike step by step, so that the apprentices will be able to conduct the construction in an optimal manner.

Above all, the workshop does not require any kind of experience in this case, and will prevent 10 hours of training divided over several days. After that, During the last day there will be the driving tests of the bicycles made by the participants, and you will see who in this case will be successful in terms of performance.

The workshop will take place in the months of March, August and October 2019. For more information you can consult the startup site at http://www.ozoncyclery.com/, or alternatively you can contact the founders at the email info@ozoncyclery.com.