Parenting: the startup for divorced parents

Parenting is the new italian startup for divorced parents founded by Massimiliano Arena, a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in family law. The startup has the goal to reduce the disputes between the parents who have to manage the sons and all the expenditures for their sustainment like school, food, clothes and so on. Parenting will be launched officially in June 2019, and is going to be a great investment in terms of money and time, with the aim of improving the communication between parents that usually are not that easy.

Regarding the problems to be solved between parents Parenting will include a better management for visiting sons, monitoring and paying with just a click the expenditures and also authorizing pictures published in social networks. The innovative startup is currently gathering funds thanks to the platform Eppela, a very famous Crowdfunding based in Italy.

Which needs Parenting satisfies

Parenting helps parents who have particular problems for managing their relation to take care about their sons. These are very uncomfortable situations that sometimes cannot be really understood by people who never struggled with them. This is a big problem that is crossing the whole country, especially if we take in consideration that between 1991 and 2018 Istat recorded that the number of divorced people increased of four times in all of the age groups. It was recorded in this period of time that the number of divorces achieved 1.672.000.


Parenting will have three main topics to deal with once is going to be launched.

  • Expenditure management: in this way the spouse will be able to send an expenditure request and also monitor and paying all the extra costs, with all the invoices which will have an high value in front of the judge, in case of any disputes.
  • Calendar: this function will allow both the parents to be updated through simple notifications regarding the visits for their sons, and when to exchange the turn.
  • Social profile: Parenting will have also the further function to manage the social profile of the spouse regarding the pictures of the sons that they want to publish. With this system the spouse will allow the ex-partner to publish or not one specific picture of the son/daughter.

To get more informations about the startup just wait for the official launch which will be in June 2019. Stay tuned!