Revolut and Circle: the two financial apps

On the picture the card Revolut and a mobile phone

The Revolut and Circle financial startups have already landed in Italy for some time, thus breathing a bit of innovation in the digital finance sector, which in our country is still lagging behind other countries. The first app, Revolut, was founded in London by Nikolay Storonsky and funded by Goldman Sachs, and has a very innovative feature such as allowing people to send money instantly and free. The second app, Circle, comes from the United States, and currently has received funds from the Venture Capital fund #Index, and it offers a wide range of banking services, from the IBAN to the debit card.

The two financial startups wanted to bet in our country by relying on the advantages offered by their service as the right incentives and savings, with the intent to win over the Italian people, still unwilling to the world of digital finance.

The startups also offer a great deal of expertise in the market, and Gaetano De Maio, head of the Revolut Italia team, expressed himself with textual words: “we focus in particular on young people under 35 who have had experiences abroad and that they want to undertake a path of change “.


The London startup Revolut, basically consists of an app for Iphone and Android that once it is downloaded, it takes only 60 seconds and a selfie to open a bank account with IBAN and debit card, allowing customers to make transfers up to a maximum amount of 5,000 Euro per month in all parts of the world, without fixed costs and with a currency exchange at an official fixed rate.

The goal of the two Russian founders is to become a fully-fledged bank, with the aim of offering its customers the opportunity to obtain loans and make investments internationally.


The American startup Circle aims to simply transfer money between individuals, all in a social way. Users will have the convenience of paying for example the baby sitter also through a chat message, all with a simple click. This is a tool that today is very convenient for those who are especially often in circumstances where they have to pay quickly and in real time, despite the distance.

Both apps are having success in Italy, if we consider the fact that based on what the statistics tell us, Italy is one of the most advanced countries in the world for using smartphones and tablets. Our country is also at the top of the ranking for the use of social channels, in particular Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, which is a strong element of advantage for mobile banks that want to expand their business in Italy.