Robin: the new dating app

Nora and Matt, the two co-founders of Robin, the new chat of dating

It’s called Robin, it is an innovative startup that was born very recently in Berlin, the current European capital of innovation. He is Max, German and single for some time, she is Nora, a Hungarian girl from Budapest and she has not yet found the love of her life. Moreover, as is well known, Berlin is also better known as the city of singles, which can certainly be the most appropriate ecosystem for the development of the new idea of ​​them.

The terrain of the dating app, as well as the so-called dating sites, is exorbitant in recent years in different countries of the Western world, if we also consider the source of the Sole 24 Ore, which states that today 1 relationship of 3 is born through Internet , and that dating apps have a market value of 4.6 billion.

In the video that follows we can learn more about the two founders and have a better explanation of everything that consists in their innovative startup.

What is Robin?

Robin is a dating app practically analogous to that of the American giant Tinder, which is therefore based on the search for people with whom you can chat and eventually meet and then who knows, maybe find the love of their life or even have fun fleetingly for one night.

Nora and Max with the passage of time, and seeing their research go on without easily reaching the right prey, they agreed on something actually true. That is, Tinder tends to offer a service to users that presents a huge imbalance between men and women in terms of variety of choice. This means that for women it is more frustrating and not very intriguing to use the app compared to the guys, since the amount of “match” is too excessive. As usual, there is no game!

For this reason the two founders have created an innovative all-digital startup that allows people to put in touch, with the possibility of having a maximum of 1 match per day. In this way, girls can be more intrigued in using an app that will tend to increase their interest. Waiting increases the desire, and we know this very well!

Why naming the app “Robin”?

The amazing thing about the new dating application is mainly given by the name “Robin”. The choice was much more than smart, just because it was designed so as not to let the girls pass as “easy women”. When the new couple comes out in a group and friends will ask the typical question: “How did you meet?”, The couple will be able to answer: “Through Robin, a friend”, and it’s done! Truly brilliant.

The startup has already taken an initial investment round and the app is still under development. To stay up to date on Robin you can also visit the website directly at

The startup it’s also currently hiring new talents in Berlin. Keep up to date!