Salisquare: the airbnb of the boats

The Salisquare‘s Team

Salisquare is a startup founded in 2013 by a group of italians in the city of Paris. Indeed, the italian company is currently based at Station F, a renowned startup incubator founded by Xavier Niel, who had the idea to create a big hub with the attempt to contribute to the international growth of new innovative companies.

Salisquare consists in a platform which puts in contact skippers and travellers around the world who want to take a break and spend some holidays on the boat. Travellers are free to choose whatever kind of vacation; It can be one day, one weekend or one week. The great thing is that the innovative service is definitely cheaper than the travel agencies. Furthermore, Salisquare is very easy and fast to use and actually it is counting many subscribers between Italy and France. Nowadays the platform is counting more than 100.000 travellers, over 1.900 skippers and more than 20.000 holidays proposals. This represents a super satisfying results for the italian team.

A video of Salisquare’s service representation

How does Salisquare work

The user first of all has to sign up in the platform and create an own profile with the personal picture, data and a brief description. Of course there is also the autentication of the email, the phone and the social network profile.

Once completed the registration process the user can start looking for the travel offers posted by the skippers. They decide the travel, the location and also the price. Before being accepted in the platform, skippers need prerequisites and have to pass a process of ability and accreditation. Once the travel was ended the travellers can provide a feedback in a rank from 1 up to 5 stars to the captain of the boat.

The quote of the travel is proposed by the organizer and it includes different things. Generally the quote uses to include the price for the skipper, the boat and the final cleaning. On the other hand, the expenses related to fuel, the food and stopping in the ports is considered as an extra cost.

How to pay the platform

The payment process has the same concept of Uber. Once the trip is finished it is possible to pay directly through the platform with just one click. The payment is allowed through credit card, debit and prepaid card. At the end of the payment Salisquare sends an email of confirmation with all the details of the experience and the organizer.

To get more informations about the innovative platform just check the official website at the following link: