Satispay: The italian mobile app for smart payments

Satispay‘s logo

Satispay is the italian mobile app which allows people to pay in a fast and smart way through smathphone. The startup is based in Milan at Fintech District and it was launched by Alberto Dalmasso (CEO and co-founder) in 2013.

In January 2013 me and my co-founder Dario decided to quit our safe jobs to launch ourself in this great adventure. We were fed up with paying by cash, and we identified in the market that everyone was creating mobile apps with the possibility to pay by credit card. For this reason we decided to create not just a new application, but to begin a new payment network which could substitute the one with credit card and could enable users to do every financial transaction through an innovative electronical method which could allow to pay even the coffe by mobile. Satispay wants to be considered in this case the What’s up of the payments”.

What Satispay consist of

Satispay is a digital platform which allows users to do the normal payments absolutely without cash or credit card. The app can be used by anyone who has a bank account and a mobile phone. It is sufficient to download the free mobile application and insert the personal and financial data to complete the registration process.

Satispay represents the first project which was able to break the barrier for payment acceptance by operators. The app is completly indipendent by credit cards and everyone can use it to pay in the shops and even in a bar for just a coffee.

How began the idea and how it works

Satispay was launched because the founders saw that in Italy many payments are still done by cash and many operators still don’t accept payments by credit card, especially for small sales.

Regarding the functionality of the mobile app it is very easy. Once the user is at the point of paying, he/she can select the shop where to pay the amount of money, digit the cost and send it. The shopper once received the money can easly accept the payment and close the case. It is also comfortable in case you are at the restaurant and you want to pay direcly by the table.

One of the most common functions is the exchange of money between private people. With Satispay it is necessary just to select the number of your friend, select the import through the mobile app and send the amount. Very easy and fast, like sending a message with What’up.

At the same time the operators are also start using Satispay for new promotions base on the cash back. In this case they give back to the customers a part of the amount through an automatic discount. The discount is visible in the smartphone of the users, so that they can also be more attracted by that and go on the shop to purchase.

The startup actually is developing really quickly. It was already opened an office even in London and the objective for the next years is going to be to develop the project in the rest of Europe like France and Germany.

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