Skiprime: the online ski instructor reservation

Skiprime’s logo

Skiprime is the new online platform where you can book ski instructors. The startup was founded in 2017 in Mezzolombardo, in Trentino Alto Adige, by Karin Nardelli, a young ski instructor graduated in Economics and Business Administration.

The startup consists in an online platform that offers the possibility to ski instructors to register for free and give private lessons by reservation. The user who registers in this case has no obligation and is free to be able to enter his personal data, prices, discount codes, his availability and the services offered by him, all in the place where he resides. A very convenient tool not only for those offering the service, but also for the customer who wants to book a ski lesson, depending on the location where you go on vacation.

In the video that follows founder Karin Nardelli talks about the online platform.

The platform is already operational in Trentino and has a good number of registered users. At the moment the team is looking for funds to carry out this ambitious project which has the vision to increase its visibility in Italy, and then expand also in other countries.

The startup has also been awarded by the province of Trento as an innovative startup. It is hoped that in the future new ski instructors will want to offer their services in a more innovative way, thanks to the internet and make a leap into the future with Skiprime.

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