Sofan: let’s watch a football match together

It’s called Sofan, the new startup that offers all fans the convenience of watching football in other people’s living rooms. The idea was born from two guys from Palermo, Lucio Monteleone, a lawyer who has long been passionated in startup, and Antonio Gullotti,  graduated in Marketing and Communication. The startup will be launched in Milan, preferred in this case by new entrepreneurs as it is characterized by the more international and varied environment, as well as having in the team the Milanese Federico Torno.

Features of Sofan

Sofan is a platform that allows football fans to open their doors to their living room, and accommodate anyone who wants to see the sporting events in the company of other fans. In anticipation of the final launch that will take place by the end of 2018, the platform has already opened online registrations to “hosts”, so as to begin to make the fans interact and make the platform better known.

The idea was born in Amsterdam, when the two guys found themselves desperately looking for a club that would broadcast the Palermo match, still in second division at that time. “the idea was born out of necessity – says Gullotti – We were in Amsterdam and we found difficult to find a club that would broadcast the Palermo match on TV, but the alternative would be to watch it in streaming, but those who are passionate about football usually watch it live and not streaming, so we decided to create a platform sharing that puts the sharing of living rooms in the center, so you can watch the football match with other people “.

The idea basically aims to be the Airbnb of the salons. “We called it Sofan because the sofa is the symbol, because it tastes like a sofa, fun and a fan”. This is an excellent platform not only to solve a lack for fans, but also an opportunity for the hosts to socialize and also for who will be invited to watch the game. Moreover, thanks to a maximum spending of € 7 for hospitality, the hosts will have the possibility to recover the subscription money.

Sofan aims to unite and introduce new cultures and mentalities, starting from the common passion for sport, without having any profit. Guests can also take advantage of the possibility of ordering food at home or offering a beer to those who are hosting them.

The application will be available for IOS and Android, both in Italian and in English, and will be launched in the first place in Milan, the city where the 3 young guys are currently living. The vision of the startup is to create the largest community of fans, possibly with the help of important personalities who are willing to give a boost to the new business from an economic and media perspective.

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