Find a good party location with #Tagvenue


Tagvenue’s logo

It’s called #Tagvenue, a young startup founded by Artur Stepaniak and Maksim Kondratjuks in 2015 in London, UK, and is currently having a large growth in the online booking market to offer users the opportunity to find the right location for the organization of events and parties. The main office of the startup, as already mentioned, is located in the English capital, and has already had a significant expansion in other locations such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and now also in international territory with an operating office in the heart of Krakow, former Polish capital .

#Tagvenue is a startup that believes in its talents and focuses on the development of its business through the exchange of ideas and experiences, aiming at mutual personal enrichment and the creation of a business environment that is beneficial for its employees and for the company itself.

What #Tagvenue offers

The startup every year helps about 10,000 locations and organizers of private events and make available their spaces to customers. Just the last year #Tagvenue succeeded in making its partners to generate up to £ 6,000,000, a truly exorbitant result if we consider that it is a business reality launched just 3 years ago.

The online platform offers a wide range of spaces to rent depending on your needs, among these are available:

  • Reception rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Sale for Christmas parties
  • Empty spaces for organizing catering events and weddings
  • Private dining rooms
  • Outdoor venues for the organization of summer parties
  • Private rooms in a disco
  • Exhibition halls

A representation about the locations which #Tagvenue offers to users

These are some of the places that the English startup offers in the heart of London. Its culture is rapidly expanding in other cities as already mentioned above, and this clearly reveals an ever increasing sensitivity towards the digital world that increasingly tends to embrace different sectors.

#Tagvenue basically consists of the Airbnb of the venues for the organization of events. But let’s see how to use it.

How #Tagvenue works

The digital platform is completely free, and does not include any initial registration costs. Once you have entered your data and registered, #Tagvenue has the ability to profile the user and suggest the locations that are more interrelated to his specific needs.

In this way, the user can look for the room he/she is most interested in and contact the reference manager, in order to establish a rental agreement. The platform is convenient because it acts as a medium through which you can ask the telephone number to the room manager for any doubts and clarifications on the renting process.

The price in this case does not depend in any way on #Tagvenue, but simply on the cost that the rent would entail. The platform is therefore not involved in the payment process between the user and the venue manager.

To get more informations about the startup and have the opportunity to access to its services, just visit the website at