Manage your customers with Teamleader

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Teamleader is the CRM platform which helps you to manage the relation with your customers through a set of different communication services. The online platform was launched in ghent, Belgium, by Jeroen De Wit, CEO and founder of the company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The platform is a great solution to build trust, sell better and getting paid quicker. With Teamleader’s Customer Relationship Manager the customers have access to many communication tools which allow to manage in an efficient way the communication with the customers. The database management consists in a perfect follow-up system, from the very first contact to long after the sale. Affordable and time-saving are the main characteristics of the platform, and that is also the reason why actually it is booming in Belgium and is attracting many entrepreneurs ready to use it.

On the video below we can see a short company’s presentation at Amsterdam Tech Job Fair – 29th November 2017.

Teamleader‘s presentation at Amsterdam Tech job fair 2017

Teamleader ‘s features

Teamleader has many customer oriented functions which help entrepreneurs to manage their B2C relation. Let’s have a brief overview about the main points to summarize the database.

  • One database for all your contacts: you can manage all your contacts from one digital database everyone can access smoothly. Add and fetch customer informations easily and automatically, and save time on cumbersome manual labor.
  • One-click communication history: it is possible to truly get to know your customers: track their communication history to pick up any conversation, exactly where it left off. This helps you to build trust and boost sales, and also saving time otherwise spent searching through emails and documents.
  • Meetings, tasks and calls in one shareable calendar: you can plan your work in one convenient calendar and schedule tasks, meetings and phone calls for yourself and your co-workers. Effortlessly track time on everything you’re doing. Share calendars to gain insight into each other’s schedules. Easily sync your calendar with Google Calendar, Office 365 or iCloud.
  • Digital quotations in your own branding: own branding. Close deals faster by sending & approving them online: when your potential customer views or accepts the quotation, you get notified.
  • Perfect sales follow-up: you maximise your sales potential by perfectly following up on every sales opportunity. Follow every deal from first contact to final invoice. Teamleader tells you exactly when to act, so you can close more deals faster.
  • Smart insights and actionable statistics: Get actionable statistics on your sales performance in no time. Overview the turnover of your business and the money you’re owed from unpaid invoices. See how you’re doing against your targets, and take the right actions to improve your sales process every day.
  • Efficient invoicing streamlines your financial administration: Teamleader makes invoicing simple: you can create, send and manage them in a few clicks, or turn a quotation into an invoice. You can even make invoices in your own branding to look professional, and have your customers pay effortlessly online.

With Teamleader you are also free to connect with your favorites tools like Mailchimp, Outlook, Gmail and LinkedIn.

To get more informations about the platform just go on the official website at the following link:, and check for which kind of service it can be useful for your business.