Trainlight: the new technology in the sport

Logo of the startup Cratus – Trainlight solutions

Cratus Sports Innovations is the Chilean startup founded in 2015 by Tarek Ceriani, whose aim is to realize technological solutions for sports practice. The products that Cratus offers in the market are high technological and innovative, and are focused on acquiring the right work, motor and perceptive skills to the user. Thanks to these new tools, athletes now have the opportunity to train in a more dynamic and sensorial way through the sound and brightness that trainlight (technological solution in question) allows.

In the video that follows we can listen to Tarek Ceriani, who shows us in a more pragmatic way what his innovative idea is, and what benefits it brings to athletes from an athletic point of view.

You can find the interview with the founder in the “Interviews” Blog section. You can click the link at the end of that page that will refer you to the PDF file with the contents to download.

Trainlight features

Trainlight is a technological tool that works through sensory stimuli (light and sound) that athletes can use as training goals. The tool works on modules that can be programmed by the user via a mobile application, depending on which training goals to reach. The entire application can then be inserted into different routines by the athlete, and eventually the app also delivers the statistics in terms of results achieved to be compared over time.

Benefits of Trainlight

Trainlight offers not indifferent advantages to the athletes who used it. Thanks to the sensory stimuli of lights and sound, the athlete will have the ability to improve his concentration and work more timely and with more dynamism, depending on what he has set. Usually athletes are subject to various distractions depending on where they train, and trainlight serves to increase the possibilities for concentration. The reaction time and decision-making at a specific point in time are thus optimized by far, making the athlete reach the goal in a more exhaustive manner.

With Trainlight athletes will be able to obtain the following benefits:

  • Greater Equilibrium
  • More Agility
  • High efficiency and efficiency in terms of performance
  • Better coordination with hands and feet

The startup is based in Chile and is currently composed of a team of 5 people, 3 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

For more information and to purchase Trainlight products, just visit the following link: