TriCres: the new business coaching platform

TriCres’s logo

It’s called TriCres, an english coaching training platform for business owners. The platform was founded by Rebecca Bonnington (CEO and founder, whom we can listen in the video below in this article), along with two other partners David Milton and Nick Davies, who have been experts in business and consulting for many years. TriCres will be launched in March 2019, and will contain everything that an entrepreneur needs to bring improvements to its business.

What is the purpose of TriCres? 

Tricres is an online learning platform which enables business owners to access high value coaching, consulting and training that can be used immediately in their business or practices at a fraction of the monthly cost of face to face consulting, coaching or training.

Rebecca, David and Nick believe that their informations are so valuable to the growth, value and prosperity of businesses across the world. This will happen because they’ll make TriCres easy to access, easy to engage with and easy to use from the moment users subscribe. 

On average, a day rate for a consultant, coach or trainer will ranges from £500 to £10,000 (and more). This is going to be a small problem for business which are at a start level and would need more help. But how to say, investing money for the growth of your business worth it. 

In the following video you can also watch a small presentation about the new digital startup. Rebecca will provide a brief overview about her new platform and explain the basic concept of TriCres. 

In the video Rebecca Bonnington, CEO and Founder of TriCres

TriCres’s areas of expertise

The english startup will have the mission to travel in UK with the purpose to meet the needs of growing businesses. TriCres will be mostly focused on the following areas of expertise: 

  • Communication, influence, persuasion, negotiation
  • Business Development training
  • Coaching training
  • Growth accelerator audits
  • Purpose, vision and values days with the implementation of a strong culture for the business
  • Economic engine assessments – identifying the core blockages to revenue growth and fixing them
  • Growing the value of your business by the implementation of proven core models and frameworks
  • TriCres doesn’t do Finance or IT
  • And many others. Just move on and discover it!

If you are interested in discovering more about TriCres just go on the company’s website To learn more about the different programmes, just contact the executive assistant on, so that an appointment will be scheduled with a partner to discuss more.