Uniwhere: the university booklet in your smartphone

On the picture a representation of Uniwhere’s logo, the startup for the university booklet online

Gianluca Segato, Founder of Uniwhere

It’s called Uniwhere, is an Italian startup founded in 2016 by Gianluca Segato, and is currently having a great development in the city of Berlin, the European capital of startups and tech.

The founder, in the picture above, identified during his studies at the University of Padua a very specific problem, namely that there was no system that would have allowed students to check their university data online. “I learned to program when I was 12 years old, and what interests me is to always create something new and that does not exist“, this is what was affirmed by the Paduan digital entrepreneur, just at the age of twenty-four when he decided to launch Uniwhere. “Two weeks after I published the app, a Corriere della Sera journalist contacted me for an interview.” I fell off from my chair, I did not expect such a thing initially“.

The startup, co-founded with Federico Cian (Product) and Giovanni Conz (Tech), is having a great success for two years now, and just a few weeks after the launch, the app has been downloaded by a truly exorbitant number of people, without even being advertised. Currently more than 150,000 students from over 75 universities in Europe have downloaded it into their mobile phones.

Uniwhere features

The mobile application, downloadable on iOS and Android devices, is totally free and it will be free still in the future. Uniwhere allows the student to better organize his university path, thanks to the app’s ability to track all the results of his career, both past and future.

The app is connected to the internal system of the universities that have established a partnership with it, and in this way the students can check various data such as the average, the exams, the credits incurred and also the fees paid and those still to be paid.

A function that Uniwhere allows students is also making projections, that is inserting the vote of an exam that will have to be supported in the future, in order to observe how much this will affect the final average and give a precise target to be reached.

The startup collaborates today with many universities in Europe and has already gotten different funds in Berlin, an ecosystem certainly much more interesting for those who want to do startups and innovation.

To find out more informations about Uniwhere just click on this link: https://www.uniwhere.com/.