Veromo: the startup to register your business

Start a business with Veromo

Veromo is the platform which makes you register a new business directly online. With this new initiative taken in Australia, people who would like to register their own company can easly do it just in a few steps to follow. Veromo provides every type of support for the company registration and for all of the administrative procedures to be taken, in the way to realize the entrepreneurial dream of many people in Australia and around the world.

First of all Veromo checks the availability of your company name through its incorporated Finder. In this case are also included the domain name and the social media accounts, just to check the duplicates in the market. Further more, the startup designed different tools and resources to be used by the new entrepreneurs as a kind of support during their new business journey from beginner to beyond. As everybody knows, running a business is always tricky and it requires time, hard work and sometimes lucky.

Veromo developed also a standard procedure to be followed to set up a partnership, everything included in one unique form. The simple thing to do is to fill in the form and once completed the platform will submit the registration in only one swoop.

Here below there is a short video which presents an overview about the Australian startup.

A short presentation of Veromo

How Veromo works

  • Complete one simple form: All you need is your TFN and a few basic details to kick start the process.
  • Lodge via our online registration tool: the platform lodges your application online and provides you with a new ABN.
  • Bingo, you’re ready to trade: If the ABR gives you the tick of approval you’ll receive an email confirmation with your ABN number.

The startup offers also a different range of business packages that can be consulted directly on the official website. Just check everything related to it at the following link: