Vumonic: the right insights for your Ecommerce

Vumonic, the insights platform for your ecommerce

Vumonic is the startup that helps ecommerce sites to plan their success strategy. The business project started a few years ago in Bangalore (India) by a group of developpers who created a platform that allows ecommerce users to make an analysis of the market in which they operate. Basically, the platform offers corporate intelligence services in the online shop market, and it does so through two types of approaches: B2B and B2C.

  • B2B: approach through which the company carries out market research for ecommerce sites, with the subsequent sale of information obtained to customers.
  • B2C: Vumonic has also created a mobile application that offers its customers the opportunity to view their statistics on their financial status, and in this way to make a sort of financial planning for future expenses and the organization of their lives.

Which opportunity Vumonic offers to ecommerce websites

The Indian startup focuses essentially on different types of data and insights to provide its customers with ecommerce. In this case the experts point to the following information:

  • Discovering your income at any time and compare it with that of your competitors.
  • Having an overview of your share of market transactions and compare it with that of your competitors.
  • You can find out which products are the most competitive in the online shop market from the point of view of price and brand.
  • Is possible to learn about the growth strategies of your competitors and act in accordance with them to avoid being stolen by important market shares.

The startup is based in Bangalore and for now it is also expanding in Tallinn (Estonia) following the participation in the acceleration program Startup Wise Guys. The team currently consists of two co-founders, a Chief Sales Officer (Gabriel Appleton, whose interview can be found at the link: a Chief Product Officer and 4 developpers. Currently, the startup is aiming to expand in Europe and the United States, and is also looking for a figure to be included in the marketing sector and a Data Scientist. for more information on the startup you can consult the site at the link: