WumDrop: the new delivery service

WumDrop’s logo

WumDrop is the new delivery startup from South Africa, currently based in Capetown, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. The online delivery business is actually having a super expansion in the worldwide, and also in South Africa people who are passionated about digital innovation and technology are thinking about.

WumDrop is completely innovative business which will be providing to the drivers a new source of income by delivering packages. At the same time the customers will get a benefit by the innovative service, because they’ll be able to receive their orders in a planned time, having also the opportunity to track the delivery status. The platform will provide users a various range of opportunities. Let’s listen what the co-founder, Simon Hartley, has to explain about his idea.

Simon Hartley, co-founder of WumDrop, explains how the platfom works

WumDrop is basically based on a simple process. You just fill in the address where you want to receive the package, you can estimate the delivery price, and at the end you’ll be also able to track where your packages are. You can choose in this case the best payment method for you, card or wallet. Let’s check more in details how it works.

How the delivery service works

The service is currently only available to TFG clients within a 35km of the Cape Town CBD. Once you’ll place your order online and choose the function Deliver2Me, this is what is gonna happen:

  • After checkout you will receive a Deliver2Me info mailer explaining the D2M process. 
  • Your purchase will be processed and dispatched by TFG. (the purchase will be delivered within a maximum of 5 working days).
  • Once your order is ready, WumDrop will send you an SMS link. You have to open it.
  • You can choose at this point when you would like to receive your delivery. You can choose between “Deliver Now” or “Deliver Later”.
  • Just drop a pin or also manually enter your location to receive your order.
  • Once the location has been confirmed, your parcel will be delivered to you within 3 hours.

The WumDrop Driver Platform

The startup pays the drivers a flat rate per delivery, but not per kilometre. Drivers who are interested to become partner can register at the following link https://www.wumdrop.com/apply/partners and fill in the form.

The payment is based on the following parts:

  • Service level
  • Parcel size
  • Distance from pick up to drop off

The Drivers will earn between R1000-R3000 per week, depending on delivery volumes and hours online. At the end of each week our partners are paid into their chosen accounts.

This is a great opportunity for drivers to earn more money at the end of the month. WumDrop can be definitely considered the new Uber of the package deliveries.

To get more informations about the startup and to start using it just check the official website at the following link: https://www.wumdrop.com/.