YourBoost: the platform for Inbound Marketing

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The digital marketing sector has been booming since a number of years, mainly because, as is well known, social networks are now the main tool of communication from which no company can disregard. There are those who today can also leverage their experiences in the field of digital marketing, and want to help other businesses to increase their views and customers through new online communication strategies.

This is the case of YourBoost, an innovative startup founded by Massimiliano Montebelli and Cristina Ravara Montebelli. Based in Rimini, Emilia Romagna, the business aims to provide advice to businesses through Inbound Marketing. With this technique, YourBoost acts as an accelerator that gives a significant boost to businesses that want to obtain greater appeal in their reference market.

The project

The YourBoost growth program basically aims at two fundamental elements:

  • Strengthen business management
  • Take advantage of the internet in their favor and in the most strategic way possible. This must be done through innovative techniques of Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Cultural Marketing.
    In this way, companies can exploit the communication channels that digital makes available to us today, so as to be able to “target” their customers, increase their brand awareness and consequently have more turnover.

The mission of the startup is to help companies to get the best possible benefit from digital, a world that any business must approach if it wants to ensure greater success.

The team currently consists of the two founders, and above all has already achieved excellent media coverage that can be consulted at this link:

For more information on innovative startup you can go directly to the home page at In the website you can find all the informations in detail, and there is also a blog where the contents related to Inbound Marketing are published.